Belfast Black Pudding Bites

Belfast Black Pudding Bites

Popcorn Pudding

Black pudding in a crunchy shell. Smooth, soft, spicy centre. Can’t be good for you…

Wrong! The word is out; black pudding is good for you! So we’re sharing a wee recipe for some bite-sized, super-snacks to keep you going, at the gym*, in the kitchen, or during a marathon … beer session!

*Not advised. Don’t trust any nutritional advice from this Scullery!

This recipe came about to use up some left-over pudding after making some delicious Black Pudding Scotch eggs (that recipe is on it’s way). Here we’ve used our own SculleryMade Belfast Black Pudding, Black Lava which has a blend of chilli, smoked paprika, coffee and cocoa. If you can’t get some of our pudding in your hands, we’d suggest using a soft black pudding as a substitute, or mixing a solid pudding with equal portions of sausage meat and seasoning with chilli and smoked paprika.

These are quick and easy to make and with Superbowl Sunday just around the corner, they’ll make the perfect half-time super-snack!

Belfast Black Pudding Bites


Serves 6:

1 Whisked Cavanagh Free Range Egg

80g Plain Flour

300g Belfast Black Pudding – Black Lava (The Chilli One)

180g Breadcrumbs

Oil for frying

Salt & Pepper to season



Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 3 minutes 

Calories per serving: 92 Calories per piece 

Soften the pudding with your hands and shape into small balls.

Heat the oil in the deep fryer to a high heat.

Coat the balls in flour, then in egg wash, followed by breadcrumbs and repeat the egg wash and breadcrumbs a second time to double-coat the pudding.

Pudding Bombs

Fry the pieces until crispy and golden brown.

Season before serving warm with home-made mayonnaise.


Popcorn Pudding

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